The Firn Line

A Conversation With Caroline Van Hemert

Episode Summary

An interview with author, wildlife biologist and outdoor explorer, Caroline Van Hemert

Episode Notes

On today’s episode of the firn line, we’ll get to know author, biologist and wilderness adventurer, Caroline Van Hemert.

Caroline has an impressive life resume: She’s a mother of two boys, holds a Ph.D in wildlife biology (as well as an m.a. In creative writing), AND she just published her first book titled, The Sun Is A Compass. The book, which recently released to critical acclaim, chronicles her and her husband's 4,000 mile, human-powered expedition from the pacific northwest rainforest, all the way to the Arctic Coast of Alaska.

I recently got a chance to talk with Caroline about this journey; about the literal, ups and downs over mountain passes and glaciers, the life-lessons she learned along the way, as well as her process of writing about it.

Music by Evan Phillips

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