The Firn Line

Ruth Gorge Grinder

Episode Summary

North American alpinist, Alan Rousseau, tells the story of his and Jackson Marvell's first ascent of Ruth Gorge Grinder, a new mega-line up the east face of Mount Dickey.

Episode Notes

In April, 2019, alpinists Alan Rousseau and Jackson Marvell flew into the Ruth Gorge, intent on repeating "Blood From The Stone", arguably one of the most difficult routes in the Alaska Range. But when the duo found poor conditions on the face, they re-directed their efforts, eventually succeeding on a new route between "Blood From The Stone" and "The Wine Bottle".

The pair were harassed by a group of ravenous ravens, and endured a pummeling at their second bivy. But the suffering was balanced out by incredible climbing, which followed a series of vertical, razor cut, ice-tubes splitting the granite walls. On the third day, the team topped out on Mount Dickey, establishing ‘Ruth Gorge Grinder’, an instant Alaska Range classic.

Music by Evan Phillips

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